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School of Magic: Science Class
Teacher: Syndrome
Summary: This class is for those who wish to learn about the scientific understanding of the world and of their own magic abilities and powers (that is if a student has them). While learning about basics in science such as the scientific method, genetics, basic physics and chemistry, and biological constructs this class will also look to explore the latest news in science, experiment with power and how they effect the natural science or scientific laws. The work will be hands-on activities and sometimes call to go outside for more room to experiment.
A creative mindIntense focus and concentrationUnderstanding of basicsGood listening skillsExperimentationItems Needed: 
NotebooksBindersGoggles and gloves (much will be provided)Graphing paperBlank sheets of paperElements or elements starters (matches, liquids of any kind, pieces of metal or random metallic or mostly metallic object, rocks, leaves or some sort
:iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 5 8
School of Magic RP: Snow White

Name: Snow White
Nickname(s): Snow, Snowy, SW
Age: 14
Species: Human
Powers: Empathy/ Emotional Manipulation
Occupation: Student at Arcane Magi Academy, waitress at the Lucky Mouse Café
Personality: Snow White is while lacking in physical prowess makes up for it in her kind, loving nature to everyone. However, because this she can be naïve and too trusting of people resulting in her being taken advantage. Very rarely does Snow White have a bad word to say about anyone and mostly seeing the best whenever possible. If she did have a problem with someone she just tries to grin and bear it or try to put on a guise of happiness. Such was the case of her stepmother where she just never really felt happy with her father's remarriage, but kept those feelings to herself since her father was happy and she did need a mother at that time.
Snow's is can be seen as traditionally feminine in how she prefer
:iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 4 4
My Sister as Harley Quinn by Pixargirl My Sister as Harley Quinn :iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 3 23
School of Magic RP: Merida

Merida Dunbroch
Nickname: Mer
Age: 16
Species: Human 
Powers: None
Occupation: Student at Arcane Magi Academy
Personality: Merida is a strong, fiery, brave young woman who's seen as more of a tomboy in how she feels her happiest doing physical activities such as sports, (her favorites being archery and sword fighting). Yet she's rather impatient and self-centered with how she's often more focused on her own interests in the moment that of anyone else. This tendency to lack interests has caused some strained between her and her mother resulting her to be more open in her rebellion.
However, behind the angry, brattiness she is also has some insecurities on how her mother wants her to be and what they both think is best for her. Much of the time it has lead Merida to become something of a loner with how she rather do things her own thing like archery and if she wanted cer
:iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 6 7
School of Magic RP: Syndrome

Buddy Pine (real name)
Other Names: Professor Syndrome (by the students of his class and faulty), Professor Flamehead (students behind his back)
Age: 25-32
Species: Human
Powers: Technopathy
Occupation: Science Teacher at Arcane Magi Academy
Personality: Syndrome considers himself to be the cool, fun, teacher in his lessons. The type that acts like an entertainer in his lectures, experiments and just enjoying what he does. He can be sarcastic and a smartass to the students, especially those who either talk back or make smart-mouth responses to him. However, behind his rather hammy and snarky personality is an deep envy for magic users and desire to get back at them by wanting to everyone powers and so hides that bitter part of himself by acting as Genre Savvy as he can be.
Syndrome is also very intelligent as whenever he's not teaching his students the sciences
:iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 2 3
School of Magic RP: Korra

Name: Korra
Age: 17
Species: Human
Powers: Water Manipulation
Occupation: Student at Arcane Magi Academy
Personality: Korra is what can be seen as the typical tough, brutish and fiery girl despite the magic style she has been brought up by. She sees much of her self-worth in her magic having grown up in a family of powerful water manipulators, healers, and spiritualists.
Korra's stubbornness is what gets her into the most trouble as she goes into things without thinking. When she fails at something she usually takes it to heart whether it's by lashing out at people, keeping it to herself or just denial. Her failures also affect her confidence as she prides herself on being capable, independent, and helpful to others.
Despite her temperament and aggressive behavior she has a fierce loyalty to her friends and family and the compassion needed to help others. Korea also displays a sense of
:iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 6 9
School of Magic RP: Asami Sato
For official auditions:

Name: Asami Sato
Nickname: “Sami”
Age: 18
Species: Human
Powers: Electric Manipulation
Occupation: Student at Arcane Magi Academy, Local mechanic in Lunavilla
Personality: Despite her being seen as the pretty, rich girl, she is nothing like the typical vain, spoiled brat. For the most part, Asami is a sweet, kind, and loving individual willing to put her own problems on the side to help the people she feels needs it most.
Her loyalty is also one of her strongest traits as sticks by friends even when others have doubts on them. However, such loyalty can be challenged as Asami feels she needs to keep her feelings on her father’s magic prejudice to herself because he’s all she has left of her family. While still loving him, she feels the only way for her to feel truly happy is to be away from him, whether it’s watching the magical activities in the pa
:iconpixargirl:Pixargirl 5 1


Junior moon by carsdude Junior moon :iconcarsdude:carsdude 5 0 River scott by carsdude River scott :iconcarsdude:carsdude 6 7 Louise nash by carsdude Louise nash :iconcarsdude:carsdude 4 0 Piston cup legends river scott by carsdude Piston cup legends river scott :iconcarsdude:carsdude 5 0 Old memories by carsdude Old memories :iconcarsdude:carsdude 9 4 I taught you well by carsdude I taught you well :iconcarsdude:carsdude 6 2 Better days by carsdude Better days :iconcarsdude:carsdude 6 0
I have a new crack-ship.

Get to work fan-artists.  
:icontaigan:Taigan 1 4
Cars 3 Tsum Tsums by Mileymouse101 Cars 3 Tsum Tsums :iconmileymouse101:Mileymouse101 4 4 Meeting Cruz Rameriz by Jannodisney Meeting Cruz Rameriz :iconjannodisney:Jannodisney 1 0 Loud Sisters Loves Cruz Ramirez by angel1985 Loud Sisters Loves Cruz Ramirez :iconangel1985:angel1985 7 1 Tutorial - Curves on Girls by Beedalee-Art Tutorial - Curves on Girls :iconbeedalee-art:Beedalee-Art 16,194 1,342 Poses - read rules before using - by rika-dono Poses - read rules before using - :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 1,424 47 Body practice by rika-dono
Mature content
Body practice :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 779 26
Body Type part 2 by rika-dono Body Type part 2 :iconrika-dono:rika-dono 1,808 31



Random fanfic idea that came into my head thanks to :iconlunan95:

We though of a Cars!Gem AU our list (including two of :iconlunan95:’s OCs, Alice Hudson and Sky Mercury)


Crystal Gems- Radiator Springs

Doc Hudson- Dumortierite Quartz
Alice- Rose Sapphire
Sky Mercury- Larimar (rare Gem)
Sally Carrera- Zircon (lawyer for Homeworld originally)
Tow Mater- Brown Tourmaline (mechanic)
Sheriff- Jet (Security personnel for Homeworld originally)
Sarge- Olive Jade (Drill sergent and obstacle course designer for Homeworld originally)
Fillmore- Aventurine (Poet who loves earth nature and hates war that he joined the Rebellion)
Luigi- Legrandite (Assembly worker for Homeworld originally)
Guido- Turquoise (Stock supplier for Homeworld originally)
Flo- Pearl
Ramone- Rainbow Calsilica (Artist for Homeworld originally)
Red- Poppy Topaz (Whatever Topaz’s job is, join the Rebellion after the heartbreak of losing his fusion partner)
Lizzie- Obsidian (Planetary sales person for Homeworld originally)

Quartz Soldiers

Lightning McQueen- Carnelian (Defective... maybe. We’re still debating that. His Diamond use to be Pink... Kind of wanted to destroy Dumortierite.)
Chick Hicks- Moss Agate
Strip “The King” Weathers- Blue Quartz
Jackson Storm- Onyx
Cruz Ramirez- Citrine (Defective)

Other Homeworld Gems

Lemons (defective gems who have no interest in protect the earth as much as ruling Homeworld themselves)
    • Miles Axlerod- Emerald MAR5 (Not defective, high-class Gem but has a well hidden inferiority complex)
    • Professor Z- Peridot Facet- P9W1 Cut- O7Z (Defective)
    • Grem- Coral (defective)
    • Acer- Lemon Chrysoprase (defective)
    • Other Defective Gems who couldn’t care less for the Earth

Finn McMissile- Moonstone (Spy)

Holley Shiftwell- Charolite (Spy)

Leland Turbo- Andesine (Spy)

Natalie Certain- Sard (Statistical Analyst)

Sterling- Antimony (High class Gem, I’ll figure something more specific later)

Miss Fritter- Tiger’s Eye (gladiatorial Quartz who mainly takes part fighting in arena for sport)

The ones who join the Rebellion eventually give themselves names so to distant themselve from Homeworld. Also you probably know the pattern of the Quartz Gems so... spoilers and good job you get cookie.

This AU has female and male Gems. Like Carnelians and Zircons and Tourmalines can created male and female. The Diamonds are still female though. Maybe male Gems are looked down upon by the Diamonds compared to their female counterparts and so need to work extra hard to impress them and thus get harsher punishment.

Patriarchal... what a word ain’t it?

We’re still thinking of a lot of Fusions and other ideas. Follow us on tumblr if you wish at Crystalgemcars.
I think Cars 2 actually almost had a gay kiss between what looks to be two females in this deleted scene (3:03):

You know I always figure the Cars movies would the perfect Pixar movie(s) to insert an LGBT characters because they are in fact cars.

When you have two human females kissing it can be seen as more exploitive rather than progressive and males... honestly they’re more free to look however they want so fan service there is more like a bonus if you don’t have stereotypical gay man tropes.

So yeah, since they are cars and human are more likely to get... aroused by other humans and human-like species/characteristics, so there’s not really an exploitation of sexuality.

The problem is that it is just two background characters and... Mater reacts with horror a he sees the two kiss while he's on a haunted house ride.

Though think about this, if this scene was in Cars 2 (2011)... than Cars 2’s gay background couple kissing would’ve been before Mitch from ParaNorman (2012), Korra and Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra (2012-2014), and pretty everyone on Steven Universe (2013-).

Think about that.

Though I still think Mater is in the Autism spectrum, probably High Functioning. Maybe that’s why he never bothered me.
If anyone messes with my friends:

  • Reading: Hollow City (probably) or Deep Blue
  • Watching: What's on here.
  • Drinking: Water
So it’s be a while since I posted a journal and that I’ve been posting a lot of statuses rather than journals. That is simply because I’m working on the the analysis of Surprise Disney Villains. Remember this journal?
  Who Had the Best Disney Villain Surprise?(spoiler)Walt Disney Animation Studios has been pretty successful in terms of their movies as of late with the Disney Revival, starting off in 2009 with The Princess and the Frog (or Bolt if you want to argue which Disney film kickstarted the Revival Era). The success of these films may be with interesting stories that mix with modern ideas of the 2010s and classic Disney tropes that are both mocked and played with, interesting and likable characters, and animation that continues to get better with each passing film. However, one of the more recent trends that's featured in the Disney Animated Canon nowadays is the Surprise Disney Villain. Many have argued that they're already expecting ever since Big Hero 6 but I think it's still worth discussing with these characters and whether they're good as villains as well as surprises.
For right now I want to have this start as a discussion so here's the list from the Disney Revival that fit in the category of Surprise Disney Villain. Spoilers for the f

Yeah I’m still working on that and as such have not made any more journals until it’s finished just so I won’t forget.

Additionally how I’ll be talking about them is organized in these categories:

Surprise: The surprise itself, how it happened, and presentation of it.

Characterization: How does it work with the characterization presented before and after the character.

How it Affects the Plot: Overall how it affects story whether it makes sense, and if it was done well or not.

I’m also adding people comments for why they say this villain had the the better and more well thought out surprise.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.31.56 PM by Pixargirl
This is not to put anyone on the spot, this is just to go in how people may see them and why they work or don’t. I’m also going add pictures of the villains in the sort of before and after their reveal.


Kingcandyappearance by Pixargirl

Prince Hans by PixargirlHanskillselsa by Pixargirl

Profcallaghan by PixargirlYokai Full Body by Pixargirl

Bellwether Zootopia by PixargirlEvil Bellwether by Pixargirl

Teka by Pixargirl

Okay so you’ll know how it’s going to go for the journal. Hypothetically if I were to make a video analysis this would be the theme songs: 

(Instrumental version, has a good beat)

(There’s also one other, but the title of the score is actually a spoiler for my analysis)

Something also I should bring up when I do my analysis is the Disney of the past which here are some videos that act as contrast:

There’s a reason for both villain types to have their fans and detractors and it’s understandable for both.

The reason why I decided to make this analysis was based on this video by Lily Peet where she ranks the best MLP villains (at the time it was up to Tirek):

I’ll have something similar to say with the final villain I have on my analysis as well. Though my manageable number is six in this case.


United States


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NGSoares Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017
Is Cars 3 good? Contemplating if I should see it or not. Also, there's gonna be a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph next year. Called "Ralph Breaks the Internet."
Butterfly-Bases Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017
:icononionhiplz: Hi there! Thank you so much for favoriting my bases! I hope you enjoy using them :aww:
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hi there!
trulymadmoves Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey. I've started up Princess Party... if you could take a look at that... review it so I have the numbers in the review count. Numbers matter to me. If nobody else but you and Naty reads it, I'll be content, so... make sure you do. ^^ Thanks!
DangerMouseFan1981 Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
I'm still excited about getting that "Struck By Lightning" book. From the look of some of the preview pages I've seen so far, I personally think that book should've been "Cars 2".

BTW, no more spoilers about the book please. Sweating a little...
AgentFizzalButt Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the favs
Bri-Oliveira Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fav :D
trulymadmoves Featured By Owner May 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Doubtless, you've already seen this, these Cars 3 character profiles:…

Two things especially caught my interest. The new face of Dinoco is voiced by Richard Petty's son (and Richard himself returns as The King, yay), however, the characters are uncle and nephew rather than father and son. What's this odd aversion a lot of cartoons seem to have with parent-child relationships? Luigi also had an uncle. Have there been any parent-child relationships in Cars outside of the throwaway joke about Francesco's mother? "Chaste Toons", as TVtropes calls it. Also "Nephewism".

And also... Chick is now voiced by Bob Peterson? How odd. I wonder what happened to Keaton.
Pixargirl Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
I actually have not seen those photos or profiles so thank you.

It is rather weird that even though they’re played by a real life father and son, their characters are uncle and nephew. I think I might know why, but at the same it seems like something of stretch. That if they made them parent and child then that would cause further questions confusions for biology of the Cars world that the film does not have time to explain. By making them uncle and nephew it’d be easier to just brush off and say their related with only telling that someone else created the kid, that it’s just an uncle and nephew. There’s also a rather minor and insignificant detail in that being Richard Petty’s wife, Lynda, who had also played her animated counterpart in the first movie, died in 2014 (good lord is that the year every famous person I’ve ever heard of died!) and so if one were to Cal Weathers as Strip Weathers’ son then we’d probably need to address mommy. So yeah making them uncle and nephew just might be more out of convenience. Or I’m just grasping at straws/ being overly obsessed with small facts and details.

Actually from what I hear, there will be some mention of a parent-child relationship in Cars 3. Specifically, Cruz and her mom. I’ve heard it being mentioned that they based some of Cruz off of her voice actress, Cristela Alonzo and her life. From what I heard Cruz’s mom told her to “dream small or not at all” so... yeah possible parent-child relationship. Granted ever since I heard about Cruz a year ago I actually theorized that she and Lightning would develop a father-daughter type bond.

Yeah the voice change actually kind of surprised me because I know Michael Keaton voiced Chick in the Cars video games, his voice is pretty distinct so I know that was him. He was total fun ham. I’m a bit disappointed that he isn’t reprising but still I understand, busy guy. I blame Spiderman: Homecoming, Keaton’s playing a villain in that movie I think.

As for Bob Peterson voicing him now, eh I’m cool with it, he definitely won’t sound like Michael Keaton. I know Peterson’s previous voice roles to know that that was him in that one trailer where it said “will Lightning McQueen retire?” before Lightning turns off the tv. Actually the Ukrainian trailer showed Chick on the screen instead of the desert when Lightning turns off the tv.

Either way, hearing him with such a different voice will be a little jarring, though not as much hearing Paul Newman as Doc again. Apparently Pixar had 28 HOURS worth of unused Paul Newman recordings for Doc.
trulymadmoves Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I had a similar thought, about how Cars might be more inclined than other series to use Chaste Toons because they don't want to raise the question of car reproduction. Still, why mention family relationships at all, then? Agh, pondering this sort of thing is the reason a lot of people don't like Cars. They're just too overcome by fridge logic to enjoy it.

Aw, I didn't know Lynda had died. I'm glad Richard is returning regardless... I've always been a fan of his. To the point that it's always bugged me that Strip Weathers doesn't have anything to replicate his signature hat and shades.

Richard returning despite Lynda's death reminds me of Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor - they played Mickey and Minnie for many years and fell in love and got married early on in the gig. Wayne died in 2008, and the very next appearance of Mickey was in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, in which Russi played seven different characters. I always thought it was impressive that Russi dealt with such a big job in the very title that debuted her late husband's replacement. Er... tangential, sorry.

That is a lot of unused Paul Newman. Full of potentially non-contrived reasons to use it, one hopes.

All this Cars 3 stuff and how it's all full of Cars 1 nostalgia... kinda makes me realize just what a weird phenomenon Cars 2 really was. I mean, a spy thriller? Really? What a bizarre direction to take things.
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