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Hey random question but which sets of outfits look best for the Humanized Equestria Girls style of the Cars girls (Sally, Holley, and Cruz):

The Lightning Bolts copy 2-Recovered by Pixargirl
The Lightning Bolts by Pixargirl
The Lightning Bolts copy copy by Pixargirl
That last one for the girls I base on the outfits of the Japanese girl group, Perfume, wore in their Polyrhythm music video.

Perfume outfits 2 by Pixargirl

Here’s the original base so you’d know which character is suppose to represent which of the HuMane Six.

My Little Pony Rainbooms Base by ArtisticNoorUlAin
Cruzon- Just Take them
Jackson: (annoyed and somewhat angry as he gives her flowers) Here!

Cruz: (confused) Wha- huh?

Jackson: Just... take them.

Cruz: Umm... thank you but, why?

Jackson: Look you did a... decent job with McQueen. He’s.. okay. There, now take them.

Cruz: (smirks proudly) Well look who’s not as high and mighty as he believes? Thank you for the compliment, I know we’ll both be grateful for that.

(Cruz begins walking away, before stopping once Jackson says something once again)

Jackson:...He’s not that great you know.

Cruz: Maybe not to you but he’s someone I always look forward to whenever I saw a race.

Jackson:(disappointed, before going back to smug jerk mode) I’m just saying he needs to retire pretty soon if he wants to live longer life.

Cruz: He’s still got a lot in him, I’m just there to help.

(Once more Cruz begins to walk away with the bouquet)

Jackson: You ever thought about being a racer?

(Stopping in her tracks Cruz turns to look at him, questioningly)

Cruz: What?

Jackson: (says slowly like a condescending twat) Ramirez, do you want to be a racer?

Cruz: Okay first off dude, I’m not an idiot I rather you not talk to me like one rich boy, thank you. Second, I’m working my way to that, I’m getting there and I going to become one, my way, not through daddy’s pocket.

Jackson (flustered somewhat before going back to his chilled arrogance): ...Cool

Cruz: ...Que?

Jackson: Yeah...

Cruz: Yeah...

Jackson: (says quietly) ...Allons-y.

(Both begin to walk away with Cruz holding her bouquet, mixed on receiving it and Jackson as whole before feeling something hidden in the flowers. A autograph photo of David Tennant! Her favorite Doctor!)

Jackson telling Cruz that Lightning’s not that great is kind of my little reference to how I know people will telling me that the Cars movies aren’t that great but me seeing as something I have always loved despite what others may think. They have a right to critique but to me it’s valuable in many ways.

Just wanted to say this. In the Laugh Button podcast (#105) Cristela Alonzo mention how her favorite Doctor is the Tenth Doctor.

Timeboy08 that’s why I asked that one day who the Tenth Doctor was? I didn’t give direct answer and was mainly cryptic is because if I said my reason why I’d be an annoying little tool. I know a few who others who are Whovians but I chose to ask you because you’re the quickest to respond among other things. She says she like Doctor Who in 47:06 in this podcast:…

Cristela starts talking at 22:46 (she has an adorable laugh, she is My Diamond now)
30:58 Cristela talks about a troll who thought she didn’t know Spanish.
33:25- I’ll buy t-shirt that says that...
34:58- Actually talking about Cars 3
35:05- Umm... technically no. Not really the first Pixar Latino character since there’s the late Elizabeth Peña is Hispanic. But technically in a starring role for Pixar. Yes, Cruz Ramirez is the first. HA! Beat you there Coco!
You had to keep it secret, under contract, FOR A YEAR! My sister can’t keep a secret and you had to do that for over a year!
35:58- Theory confirmed. Pixar is part of the Illuminati.
36:30- Oh you poor dear... Shit you’re Hispanic, in 2015, and you got your identity stolen in Canada! I am so sorry, that’s even worse for you!
40:28- Talking about Cruz
44:14- ...What did you think the movie was about? I know you didn’t have the entire script ahead of time but... were you just making shit as you went along. What did you tell them that was so far off from the actual story?
44:48- Cristela Praising Pixar and how she had a surprising amount of input on the character.
45:16- John Lasseter being into her life story... Oh man... please tell me Cruz wasn't homeless and who’s mom left with her and her siblings from her abusive husband and that mom is now dead never being able to make good on the promise that she’d buy her mom a new house for her to live in someday... I want to hug her again both of them!

I put red streaks in her hair as a symbol of lifelong fan of Lightning. Though more chill chica. I also based the outfit Cruz is wearing on an outfit Cristela Alonzo wore. Cristela had a pretty good input on the character including how Cruz doesn’t have an accent:… , how her reactions to things were drawn after recording sessions:…

Wait she started recording in November…;, the character was first announced in May 2016, and only in January 2017 do we know the official voice for the movie that would come out five month... Why are you being cryptic Pixar about Cars 3. I knew more about Coco and Toy Story 4 than I did Cars 3 and the former two come out much later than the latter!

Cruzon is just my weird little ship that may or may not be possible in the movie but hey, they’re both going to interacting with Lightning a lot and also each other. How they’ll interact is... debatable. I’ve seen things... that is all darlings.

Also about the skin color, I made them same color (or in Jackson’s case lighter tone) as the car, like that in Equestria Girls where the human versions of the pony character are the same color as their pony counterparts. Honestly I felt like it’d be easier and arguably less questionable.

Other bases I plan to use for Cars characters:……

Guess which one of the Mane Six is going to be which character if you want.

Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm belong to Pixar
Base belongs to :iconmlpfrozeny:…
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Walt Disney Animation Studios has been pretty successful in terms of their movies as of late with the Disney Revival, starting off in 2009 with The Princess and the Frog (or Bolt if you want to argue which Disney film kickstarted the Revival Era). The success of these films may be with interesting stories that mix with modern ideas of the 2010s and classic Disney tropes that are both mocked and played with, interesting and likable characters, and animation that continues to get better with each passing film. However, one of the more recent trends that's featured in the Disney Animated Canon nowadays is the Surprise Disney Villain. Many have argued that they're already expecting ever since Big Hero 6 but I think it's still worth discussing with these characters and whether they're good as villains as well as surprises.

For right now I want to have this start as a discussion so here's the list from the Disney Revival that fit in the category of Surprise Disney Villain. Spoilers for the following movies and characters or whatever:

King Candy- (Wreck It Ralph)
Prince Hans Westergard- (Frozen)
Yokai- (Big Hero 6)
Dawn Bellwether- (Zootopia)
Umm... I don't want to say it because 1) I know certain watchers who get pissy about spoilers which is why I put it out there in the leftover room of the journal title and so if you want to say your thoughts on them than just note me I guess and 2) It's more of a reversal of the Disney Villain Surprise- (Moana)

I'll make a later journal on these villains on what I think works about them in terms of their surprise, the character they have, and how it may or may not affect the story. Plus my own thoughts on a Surprise Disney Villain that I think is honestly kind of what caused the Disney Villain Surprise.

For those of you who know me, you probably already know who I'm talking about but I won't say right now because I think I might annoy you.


United States


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